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GMP Good Manufacturing Practice / ISO 22716


Being a depository of Good Manufacturing Practice principles, the GMP System provides guidelines on how to arrange production, control and storage processes in organizations whose products may pose a risk to the health and safety of consumers. In most countries, GMP and other standards outlining GMP requirements (e.g. ISO 22716 for the cosmetics industry) are binding upon businesses launching or marketing their products in various markets of our world.

TÜV SÜD Industrie Service GmbH has vast experience in all areas where GMP is applied and offers a wide range of specialized services to various industries: drug manufacturers (in line with EU GMP), perfumes and cosmetics companies (based on ISO 22716), microelectronic manufacturers.

A Full Range of Consulting Services for Manufacturers

  • Evaluation of design documentation for facility construction or reconstruction projects;
  • Production management consulting services: zoning, defining staff/material/end-product flows;
  • GMP-based diagnostic evaluation audit intended to define the initial state and develop an improvement plan;
  • Development of documents in line with the GMP system / Good Manufacturing Practice;
  • Development of programs and materials for regular staff training: for the personnel of warehouses / production sites / laboratories and office personnel;
  • Independent internal audits, feedback and traceability tests;
  • Assistance in resolving problems and curing non-conformities.

Services for Investors, Own-Brand Project Customers, Contract Manufacturing Customers

To minimize risks, ensure efficient approaches and/or save time and efforts of investors, own-brand project customers and contract manufacturing customers, we offer the following services:

  • Production infrastructure assessment with a view to its further reconstruction or use for manufacturing safe products;
  • GMP-based diagnostic evaluation audit intended to define the initial state and develop a plan of actions to ensure the compliance with laws and regulations, meet GMP requirements and/or the needs of own-brand project customers and contract manufacturing customers;
  • Assessment of personnel competency and training effectiveness through developing a personnel appraisal system and appraising their performance;
  • Independent internal audits, feedback and traceability tests;
  • Sampling and testing products for their compliance with regulations and usefulness to consumers;
  • Assistance in resolving problems and curing non-conformities in production.

Courses and Workshops to Learn GMP Requirements and Implementation Methods

Обучение по GMP / ISO 22716

GMP training is an important and, at the same time, the most difficult step in creating a viable Good Manufacturing Practice System. Our GMP training courses are intended both to deliver theoretical and practical knowledge and to boost the motivation of customers' employees for adhering to the system. The training we offer is designed to ensure that every student gets as much knowledge and skills as possible. As part of our public courses, we hold workshops on GMP standards for perfumes and cosmetics industry.

Topics for discussion at corporate GMP workshops vary greatly and can be customized and tailored to the Customer's needs and practices. The most effective approach to achieve corporate training goals is to use a combination of our services: diagnostic evaluation audit and corporate training based on audit findings.


GMP / ISO 22716 Certification

The GMP certification is an external benefit for any organization as it drives the business's competitiveness and attracts new customers or partners that trust the judgment of TÜV SÜD’s experts.