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Today, SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange), a non-commercial organization, presents one of the main real-time information system designed to store documents of SMETA audits and allowing stakeholders to get information on audits of supply chains for their compliance with social, environmental and ethical responsibility.

The platform brings together members that have undergone the audit based on SMETA requirements (SEDEX Members Ethical Audit). The audit includes the assessment of the following areas of business activity:

  • occupational health
  • occupational safety
  • environment protection
  • working conditions
  • supplier's business reputation

SEDEX Benefits:

For suppliers: Reduce the number of audits conducted by your customers. Demonstrate your compliance with ethic and social standards via the SEDEX open database.

For customers: Organize your chain of supply and reduce risks in the field of social responsibility and business sustainability and, therefore, eliminate the threats to your image and reputation.

SMETA  Audit

Leveraging its untarnished reputation and vast experience in carrying out audits for compliance with requirements and standards regulating different areas of business, TMS RUS offers high-quality SMETA audit services.

Audits are performed by our Russian specialists qualified to assess a business's conformity to SEDEX international rules.

Requests for certification and/or additional information: Management Service Department, tuev@tuev-sued.ru